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About HealthWeb Pro Web of Essential Health TopicsThanks for visiting, we really do appreciate your time and interest.  Can you figure out the logo? 

It is an apple portion astride the “H” – H is for Health and health represents our focus in this website.  Our mission is to bring the most essential health topics to you through this website.  The objective is to actively seek out reputable ordinary people, just like you and me, but more experienced in the essential topic.  We want them to help us to understand these topics in ordinary every day language.  For that you and I are happy to pay them a small fee for their information.  Fair, right?

Now I will tell you a bit more about the topics on this website and then a bit about the team behind the website. 

About Some of The Topics

GSD head - keeping your dog healthy helps to keep you healthyThis website is focused on health.  Health for humans and health for pets (mostly dogs but some cat related stuff).  Health related topics include fitness and some sports as part of the fitness.  All of the topics are ones that you probably want to know about, some more than others. Pet health and human health are highly inter-related.  For example, head lice infestation is difficult to break or control if you do not treat your pets at the same time as you treat every other member of the family.  At this time Healthweb has a range of puppy training and dog selection information.  Health Web also has pet nail trimmers available on Amazon.com. You can get a discounted price here.


The health topics for humans range from infertility to pregnancy diet to morning sickness. Then go from nutritional related weight loss type topics such as information about the glycemic index to master cleanse, probiotic smoothie recipes and how to lower cholesterol  happy people silhouette - happy people are often healthy peopleamong other things.   Finally, we have found some authors to cover some of the more embarrassing topics such as head lice, ringworm, snoring and mole and wart removal.  Running faster and golf are included in the sport portions of what this website is about.  You can find a wall of the products at this “offer wall“.  The Healthweb Pro Amazon store also has hand picked items for you to self treat your essential health needs.

Of course we will be referring to authoritative sites to check the facts before we put up authors work.  We will have team members focused on quality checking the information using well known sites such as wikipediaWebMD, and sports specific sites.  You benefit because we do the validating research and bring it all into one place – right here on this website.  

The authors themselves have been accepted based on their personal experience with the topics.  Often this is stronger than those who have only an academic knowledge.  Rest assured though, our team will carry out the due diligence, but so should you since everybody is different.! 



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