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Health Weight Loss is primarily about healthy eating.  Just bear in mind that healthy eating is different for different body typing.  I know because I followed standard diets without success.  I kept trying one thing and another for years constantly failing.  And getting steadily more frustrated and angry.  Eventually I found that actually, I need a low carbohydrate, medium fat and high fiber diet because I am an endomorph!

You have seen the skinny type who can eat what they want without putting on one single solitary pound – that is the ectomorph.  Then there are my body types, I simply have to sniff chocolate cake and there we have another 2 pounds added!  I am and endomorph.  In the middle is the mesomorph, the not too fat, not too skinny, generally muscular dude or dudette!  I guess this is what we all strive for.

This website aims to help you get that way, naturally and armed with the right information.  You cannot change your body type – but you can manage it for healthy living!  We have brought together a number of authors to do this.

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Specific Weight Loss Blogs and Topics For Essential Health

Essential health weight loss authors brought together are:

Essential Health Weight Loss GlycemicIndex-eBook_ SalesGlycemic Index – by Rosana W. Wise who has been involved with the Glycemic Index (GI) for more than 17 years.  She has used this to help her maintain a healthy weight over this period.  So it obviously does work!

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Another healthy life style type diet is the Macro Diet or Probiotics written by Gerald J. Marco.  Here you can learn how to improve your health with probiotics.  These are healthy little digestive system boosters that improve your digestive health.

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Lower Cholesterol – by Marvin D. Reece.  Here Marvin has an ebook teaching you how to lower your cholesterol naturally in 7 days or less.  You many want to have a look at this if your cholestrol levels are creeping up there.

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Essential Health Weight Loss would be incomplete without these!

Essential Health Weight Loss Lactose Free eBookLactose Free – by Wyatt C. Meier.  This helps you with a dairy free diet.  Very important if you are lactose intolerant!
Master Cleanse – by Colleen M. Vang.  This is really quite an extreme approach and you should only try this if you are sure your system can take it!  You can find more information here.

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Lastly we also have a website devoted to Smoothie Recipes – by Steven M. Henning.  These really help to save money when you do it at home.  They are delicious to boot!

All the eBooks are instantly downloadable.  Select from the slider below:

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