What is the Glycemic Index List?

baldi light bulb revelation about the glycemic index listThe glycemic index is information on what the glycemic index is and how to use the glycemic index list (a list of common foods, and their values). What is the glycemic index list question is easily answered by talking about diabetics or weight loss. Most diabetics have come across this term before since it is useful for controlling blood sugar spikes.

 For Diabetics and For a Healthier Life Style

However, the answer to the question of what is the glycemic index list is useful to a far wider range of people than only diabetics. Anybody who wants a healthier life style or to lose weight or to simply have a higher quality of life would benefit in understanding what is the glycemic index list.


Understanding how the glycemic index can affect your life and how the index works will help to understand what the glycemic index is. Once you have understood these, then you can review the list itself and see what in there.

The Glycemic Index List

A little bit of history helps to answer the question of what is the glycemic index. The index was first created to help diabetic patients to control their sometime mysterious blood sugar highs and lows. It was thus a tool to understand and to monitor what patients were eating and the effects.Understanding why sugar levels vary so much using the Glycemic Index List

 What It Is

Essentially, the glycemic index is a ranking tool for carbohydrates and their effect on your blood sugar levels when these foods are eaten. The index has rankings ranging from the highest of 100 down to the lowest of 0. It is based on the speed with which foods raise your blood sugar levels. Foods that are rapidly digested have a higher ranking on the glycemic index list since they will spike your blood sugar quite quickly. Conversely, a lower rank indicates that your blood sugar will remain fairly steady with the food being digested more slowly and therefore the sugars are only gradually released into your body. Constant blood sugar is the target!

 Who Uses it For What

Understanding what is the glycemic index list is used by healthy people and by type 2 and type 1 diabetics. The diabetics use it to control blood sugar levels and the healthy people use it to help lose weight and to reduce the risk of heart disease and for many more other reasons.



The Concept of What Is The Glycemic Index List

The concept of controlling your blood sugar using the indexing tool certainly is very interesting. Perhaps you have encountered the term when reading one of the many health magazines. Perhaps your doctor may have suggested you use the index for health reasons but you were not sure what it meant. It is now a well-established method of watching the quality of food in your diet and can help you to lose weight.

Watch and listen to this video as it explains more about using the GI to control your blood sugar.



So – What is the Answer?

So what is the glycemic index list? It is basically a ranking system with a colossal list that has a glycemic score or assessment for different foods. All the common foods are listed with this ranking or score. What is so important about this is that lists all the foods and is so long that it is improbable that you will not be able to find what you eat on this list. From rice to bread to pasta and any other foods, the list shows the ranking. It reduces the effect the food has on your blood sugars down to a number. Even more importantly, these numbers are easy to use and easy to communicate to your nutritionist, doctor or health care worker. This makes healthy eating by the index a lot easier.



But Why The Glycemic Index?


So what is the big deal with the glycemic index? Why use it you may ask. Why this tool instead of any of the other nutrition or diet approaches? What is so important about using the glycemic index?.


The most important reason is that this is a scientific system supported by doctors, researchers and scientists. It is not just some fad or an arbitrary diabetic diet. It is a systematic approach to deal with your blood sugar levels based on years of research and ongoing research. These researchers have also found that controlling your blood sugar levels can also help you to lose weight when you need to reach a more optimal weight. That is why you should be using the glycemic index. It is a scientific approach to better health!



Here is the answer to what is the glycemic index list?

  • It is a scientific approach to keeping your blood sugar steady based on what you eat
  • It is an indexing system which places a score on how rapidly that food is likely to affect your blood sugar level
  • The list is a list of common foods and their index or score
  • It is a tool used by both diabetic and non-diabetics for various health enhancement reasons.

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Glycemic Index List YouTube playlist

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