Recipes with Your Glycemic Index in Mind

 Recipes with Your Glycemic Index in Mind

Glycemic index recipes are three great glycemic index recipes to get you started on your path to weight loss. It is easy to come up with delicious meals that are consistent with the glycemic index recommendations. Food can taste so good you would hardly believe that is healthy eating. Here are three recipes to get you going. Give it a try, cook these up and enjoy today!


Chicken with Fried Rice

chicken stock – 12 fl. oz
brown rice – 1½ oz
cooked chickpeas – 5 ½ oz
light soy sauce – 2 fl. oz
sesame oil – 1 tsp
cubed boneless skinless chicken breasts – 2
sliced mushrooms – 8 oz
green onion, chopped – 1
carrot, diced – 1
sliced celery – 2 sticks
bean sprouts- 8 oz
Salt, to taste
Mix together and put into a medium saucepan, 10 fl. oz of your chicken stock, all of the salt, and all of the brown rice. Let it come to the boil and then reduce the heat to low and cook, covered, for about 25 minutes or until all of the liquid in the pot has been absorbed.


Get a fork and fluff the rice up. Set this aside with the lid on.


Next step is to pour the teaspoon of sesame oil into a large non-stick skillet or non-stick pan. Have the heat on medium to high and heat the oil up. Put in the chick and the sliced mushrooms into this pan and cook these up for about 8-10 minutes. You need the chicken to be white all the way through.


When the chick is done, you add the celery, all of the onions, the carrots, the chickpeas, and set aside rice. Cook for about two minutes and keep stirring so that all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed in.


To finish this off, you can now add the remaining chicken stock together with the soy sauce. Cook for only another 5 minutes. Lastly the sprouts and mix are added.


You are now ready to eat this delicious meal that follows all the rules of the glycemic index and you will not have a blood spike. You can add a light salad as a side dish!


Chicken Tarragon Delight

ctarragon herb for use in the chicken tarragon recipehicken cutlets – 2 (Roughly 4 oz each)
vegetable oil – 2 teaspoons
sliced mushrooms – 8 oz
white wine – 2 oz.
margarine – 1 teaspoon
dried tarragon – 1 tsp.
pepper – Fresh ground is best
onion chopped – 1 small
chicken stock or water – 4 oz.
You should preferably use a non-stick pan, but any pan will do. Have the heat at medium to high and then add oil. Let it heat up for a short while. Meanwhile, sprinkle the freshly ground pepper over the chicken and then sauté the chicken in the heated up oil until the chicken is done. Remove the chicken, set the chicken aside and cover it up.

Use the same pan that you used for the chicken and add the margarine. Now you can sauté the onions and the mushroom briefly in this pan until they are soft. This should not take more than 5 minutes. Now you can add the tarragon and the white wine.


Simmer this mixture for about a minute. Now you can add the stock and let everything simmer for approximately 2 minutes. If the liquid is reduced to half before the 2 minutes is up remove from the heat. Add a little more pepper and now you are ready to enjoy your meal!


Lay the chicken out and spoon the sauce over the chicken. You can certainly serve this chicken over brown rice.


GI Chocolate Cookies

chocolate cookies with glycemic index in mindThe third recipe uses these ingredients:
non-hydrogenated soft margarine – 3oz
wholemeal flour – 3oz
wheat bran – 1 tablespoon
Sugar substitute equal to what 4oz of sugar would be
cooked white kidney beans – ¼ pint
unsweetened cocoa powder – 1½oz
skim milk – 3 fl oz
egg – 1
vanilla – 2 teaspoons
baking soda – ½ teaspoon
Preheat the oven to about 375 degrees while you are fixing the other stuff below.


Get the food processor out! Put the beans, the wheat bran and 1 fl. oz of the skim milk, in the food processor. Puree until well mixed.


Now you need a bowl. Put the cocoa powder, and the baking soda with the sugar substitute and the flour into the bowl. Mix it all up and then add the vanilla, the egg, the skim milk, the margarine and the bean puree into the bowl. Beat all of these together until well blended together.


Your oven should now be preheated to about the 375 degrees. Get a wax paper-lined baking sheet. Now get a teaspoon and drop the cookie batter from heaping the teaspoons onto the baking sheet. Bake the cookies for about 10 minutes, or until they are firm.


I dare you to try it. Does the bean paste worry you? Don’t worry, it stops the batter from drying out and it adds a bit of fiber to the cookies – and you cannot taste the bean paste.


Here is a tip: You can increase the fiber and the protein content in any of your favorite recipes and this then converts them into glycemic index recipes. The protein and fiber slows sugar digestion which is the secret to the glycemic index success.


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