Head Lice Home Remedies for Treating Head Lice Naturally

Head Lice packet of Nix pesticideHead lice home remedies are most effective when done properly, in the proper order and thoroughly completed. You do need to be careful when using lice shampoo, especially on children’s’ heads. Essentially while the American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend Nix to be the most effective treatment for head lice; it is an inescapable fact that you are actually using pesticides. You may want to consider an alternative to chemical pesticides.


Head Lice Home Remedies Why Consider Alternatives To Using Pesticides in Head Lice Home Remedies

While using head lice home remedies, you might be uneasy about using chemicals on a child that has reactions and allergies. You might even be a little anxious about using these pesticides in or around your home as well.head lice home remedies demonstration of  a nit comb on a child's hair


The simplest alternative to using pesticides on your child’s head would be to use a nit comb (a fine toothed comb specifically for lice). You can use the comb to comb out the nits and the lice. Another alternative is just to pick the lice and nits out using tweezers. This is takes a lot of time since it would have to be done over many consecutive days to make sure that you have not left any of the parasites or their eggs behind to restart the infestation. Also bear in mind that even if you do opt to use the lice shampoo you cannot escape having to still comb out the nits. Nits are the lice eggs and the lice are the live adult insects.


Another of the head lice home remedies includes smothering the lice by putting something on the child’s hair to do this. The usual suggestions or practices are to use Vaseline, olive oil or mayonnaise. After having doused the child’s hair with the smothering agent, then you cover the child’s head with a shower cap and leave everything on overnight. You then wash the hair out the next day. While this is a messy alternative to using pesticide on the child’s hair, some experts believe this to be a better solution. This is because it takes so much work to actually get the product out of the child’s hair that all this effort also actually removes the bugs and nits at the same time. Greasy substances can be rinsed out using vinegar which will also make it more difficult for any new eggs to stick to the hair.


Head Lice Home Remedies  and Doctor’s Prescription


head lice home remedies using head lice ulesfia a chemical for lice treatmentYou can also consider the non-pesticide prescription medication called Ulesfia. This is used specifically to treat head lice and needs to be prescribed. So you might consider asking your child’s doctor about a prescription for this product.


It is a treatment for head lice where you once again need to drench the hair and then apply the product. You wait 10 minutes and then thoroughly wash it out. It works by suffocating the breathing holes of the head lice. The product needs to be re-applied seven days later.


Herbal Remedies in Head Lice Home Remedies

Herbal home remedies are slightly less proven methods of combating the lice on your child. They are not scientifically proven to work because they are not regulated by the FDA.   The herbal remedies are often made with tree oil or some other essential oils.


Using Head Lice Home Remedies for Prevention

If you are concerned that your school going child will be bringing home lice and if you would rather prevent this occurrence, there are certain steps that you can take as well.


Girls should put hair gel into their hair and the wear their hair tied up if it is long. Another easy method is to teach your children not to share personal items such combs, hair ties, hats, scarves or anything else that might have been anywhere near the scalp. Lice cannot jump nor fly since they do not have wings and they are not equipped to jump. The only way they can. Therefore the only way that they can infect more people is through direct contact of clothing, people or personal items. Prevention is always better than having to use pesticides to cure the infestation and good personal habits can help to prevent the spread of head lice.

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