Head Lice Removal Can Be Easy

head lice removal - first recognise the head lice signsHead lice removal from your life can be easy with a few simple steps.   First you need to be sure it is lice that you are dealing with and not dandruff. One of the most obvious signs of lice being present is constant head scratching. However, there can be lice and no scratching if your child is not over sensitive to the bites. So keeping your ears open as to who has lice in the school is good. Then you know when to really start watching out for the appearance of nits or eggs in your child’s hair. It can take up to two weeks before any symptoms actually show on your child`s or your head.


Head Lice in Brief

Head lice are tiny parasites that lodge themselves in the scalp. They bite into the scalp and feed off the blood droplets. Itching results from these bites. They are most likely to be seen on children aged between 3 and 12 but can also appear on adults. Girls are more likely than boys to get head lice but boys can also get them.


Head Lice Removal First Step: Identifying Head Lice

head lice removal - picture of head lice in hairHead lice removal requires that you clearly identify the pest as being the culprit.  Lice are identified as being tan colored little insects about the size of a sesame seed, crawling on your head or your child’s head. Lice eggs are called nits and are also tan, brown or yellow before they hatch. They stick to the hair follicles and can be anywhere along the hair strand. Once hatched, the nits shells look white or clear and can be mistaken for dandruff.


Read this article here for a detailed description of when it is head lice and when it is only dandruff.  Head lice removal would be very counter productive if it were dandruff that you were dealing with.  In brief, if you can physically feel the little white round things then they are probably head lice. If you cannot feel them between your fingers and if you can easily brush the white specks out then it is probably dandruff, which is simply dry scalp.


So now that you know it is head lice, you need to know how to get rid of them.


Head Lice Removal : The Choices

There are a number of methods to remove lice and their eggs from you or your child’s hair and scalp. The most common method is to shampoo the hair in the normal way and then to use a special purpose medicated shampoo specifically designed for lice. Before the hair dries, take a few strands of hair and use a fine-toothed lice comb. Begin to comb the hair from the scalp upwards. You would comb all the way to the tip of the hair strands and wipe the comb with each pass. You them move onto the next section of hair systematically combing every strand of hair.


Head Lice Removal from Every Strand

head lice removal strand by strandThere is no short cut. Each and every strand of hair needs to be combed. If you are not thorough then you will likely leave some of the eggs or nits behind and the whole cycle begins again. You will never get rid of the lice if you try to take short cuts. Shampooing on its own is just not enough because the nits are sticky and not killed by the shampoo. So left behind to generate a new batch will not get rid of the lice.


Head Lice Removal using Tweezers head lice removal tweezers on the nit

You will need a piece of wide tape or a masking tape handy if you wanted to use this method. Using tweezers you would do the same as you would with the comb. You take sections of the hair at a time working systematically and thoroughly covering the head. You would then pick off the nits and the lice with the tweezers. This might be fine if there is a really low level of infestation but may take even longer than with a comb. Once removed you wipe the nits or the lice onto the sticky tape. You cannot just drop them onto a napkin because they could roll off or be blown off since they will no longer be sticky. Once you have finished with the tape, or it is filled up then you need to roll the piece of tape up onto itself, place in a sealed airtight plastic bag and throw the bag into the garbage.


Head Lice Removal from Bedding

head lice removal from bedding - a picture of a baby's beddingThis is easy to do using a couple of different methods. Using very hot water you can wash the clothing and bed clothes in the washing machine. More delicate items can be put into the dryer and spun on very hot for about 20 minutes. If the items cannot be placed in the washing machine or in the drier then you can use a vacuum and thoroughly vacuum the upholstery in the car and in the house. Skipping this step will also result in continual re-occurrences of these parasites.


More information at http://healthwebpro.com/headlice.  Wikipedia also has alot of information as does Web MD

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