Head Lice Treatments: Treating Head Lice Effectively

head lice treatments showing a shaved headHead lice treatments begin as soon as you have made sure that your child has head lice. Once this is done then it is time to start treatment right away. Not only do you need to treat the child’s hair itself, but there are several additional things to take care of too. While the first step is treating their hair, subsequent steps are to also treat everything that your child may have come into contact with while the lice were in their hair.  You can shave the head hair off – but you do not have to.  There just as effective head lice treatments without going to these lengths!


No matter which of the several over the counter shampoos available for killing lice you use or which of the prescription shampoos, cream rinses or lotions you choose, you still need to follow directions. It is important to do exactly what the directions on the bottle tell you to do. This is to make sure that the treatment will work properly.


Generally, the process with most lice shampoos is that you apply the shampoo to dry hair. You then wait ten minutes followed by lathering the hair in the shower and then rinsing. Finally you will also have to spend quite some time combing out the dead parasites and the nits from the hair with a fine-toothed lice comb. When the child’s hair is wet, this combing part is easier to do. For the head lice treatments to be effective you need to ensure that any newly hatched nymphs that hatch from undetected eggs are killed.  The shampooing process needs to be repeated in seven to ten days.

head lice treatments head lice life cycle diagram

Lice only live for 24 hours if separated from their host. Nevertheless, every part of your home that your child has come into contact with will need to be treated or quarantined for a few days for the head lice treatments to be effective.

Head Lice Treatments: Steps to Treating Head Lice Effectively

head lice treatment for all bed clothes and clothesThe first step is to strip all of the beds and washing the bed clothes in hot water. Alternatively you can place items in the clothes dryer for at least 20 minutes on the hot cycle. This will also kill loose lice. You can also do this with things like pillows. You can put them in the dryer rather than running them through the washing machine. Anything that is not machine-washable can be dry cleaned. You can also suffocate head lice on items that cannot be washed by placing the item in an airtight bag for two weeks.


In addition to bed clothes, toys, personal items and hair, you need to include in the steps to treating head lice effectively thoroughly vacuuming carpets and head lice removal means cleaning all the stuffed toys too!any upholstered furniture. Your car will need attention with the vacuum cleaner too. Once you have vacuumed out your car, the final step is to throw away and replace or to make sure that you soak your hair care items in rubbing alcohol. You need to consider all hair care items such as combs, hair ties or bands, barrettes, headbands and brushes.


Whether all of the children or only one of you your children has head lice, you need to consider and treat everybody as if they all have lice. Include yourself and any other adults in the home. While lice are unable to spread through flying or jumping they easily spread through personal contact. Therefore, it is logical to assume everybody is at risk if one person comes into the home with the parasites.


If you do not take the lice infestation seriously by treating all of the children and the adults and everything in the house and the car thoroughly, the lice will just continue to breed and to continue the infestation. If you are totally diligent in the treatment when you first discover the lice, it will be well worth the effort.


Head Lice Treatments: Prevention

To prevent a re-occurrence of any stray nit hatching or lice spreading, you can wash bedding every day. Coats that are too time consuming to wash everyday can be put into the dryer for 20 minutes every day. Make sure that your children understand that they must not share thing like combs and hats. Also make sure that the girls put a bit of gel in their hair and tie up long hair for school.


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