Health Web Pro New Product Line with Amazon

HealHealth Web Pro  logo - health web pro new product lineth Web Pro today announced the launch of physical products.  The highly trusted Amazon retail platform will be the sole distributor of Health Web Pro physical products.  Information products and the free e-courses available to customers will continue to be offered through Health Web Pro’s website and online store.


Customers will benefit with a wider range of products being offered.  The addition of physical products helps to close the circle; helps customers mover from information to an informed purchase decision.  Customers can stay with the trusted Health Web Pro brand throughout the cycle. 

The First Product in the New Product Line with Amazon

colon detox cleanser capsule bottle health web pro new product lineA healthy body starts with a healthy colon.

The Colon Detox is the first product to be launched in this new strategic partnership.  Colon Detox Available on Amazon is a powerful, all natural supplement that helps with colon health.  By eliminating waste with having regular bowel movements, not only is the colon kept healthy but rapid, safe weight loss can result.  This new formula helps with colon cleansing in the following ways:


  • The all natural ingredients help your body do it’s job of eliminating waste.  This in turn helps with rapid regularity, weight loss, and thus gives a maximum cleanse. In this way, the bloating, the sluggishness, and the general discomfort type symptoms associated with an unhealthy colon are eliminated.
  • Colon Detox has the added benefit of being a strong anti oxidant.   While WebMD suggests berries and other foods should be added to your diet, taking a capsule is so much easier!   Each capsule is brimming with natural detoxifying cleansers and anti oxidants which may help with colon cancer, strokes and heart disease.
  • This bottle comes with 60 easy to swallow capsules.  The recommended dosage is to take only 2 a day to melt the fat away. Taking 1 pill in the morning and 1 at night gives a 30 day supply with a single bottle.
  • This is a much less messy approach than juicing and the bottles are easier to pack into a purse or bag when traveling.
  • Taking these capsules is more gentle than other colon cleansing diets, such as the master cleanse diet.  Health Web Pro offers this information product to help customers make an informed decision on colon cleansing.  With capsules, there is no need for a boring single ingredient diet. However, you do need to have lots of water and some customers have reported they need to be ready and able to have a bowel movement fairly regularly.