Infertility Statistics Confirm That You are Not Unique When it Comes to Your Infertility Issues

infertility statistics pie chartInfertility statistics show that you are not alone in your pursuit to become pregnant. Couples who are experiencing infertility problems often feel they are the only ones in the world going through this struggle. This feeling is made worse when they babies with other people. The childless couple then wonder why they are still childless. The feeling of aloneness and uniqueness in their sadness makes them forget that actually statistics show that there are other people in the world that are going through the same things that they are going through.


Infertility Statistics Show Many Millions are Affected

Many millions of women between the ages of 15 and 44 have difficulty falling pregnant. Many women only find out that they even have a problem only when actually start trying to have a family. There is the occasional occurrence of women being able to fall pregnant despite some condition that should make them infertile such as  polycystic ovarian syndrome. For these women diagnosis often does not come until after they had children. But, more often than not, an issue such as this would prevent a pregnancy.


Fertility treatments have been given to so many other couples that often the happy couples with their babies, are a result of these fertility treatments. It is still hard for the infertile couple to imagine the happy couple with children having had to receive some sort of infertility treatment that ultimately resulted in this happiest of event, conception, full term and finally a healthy baby delivered.


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Infertility services have been given to 11.9% or 7.4 million women between the ages of 15 and 44 years of age. The percentage of women struggling to get pregnant is recorded as 12% of married women. The blame is shared as a third of the infertility issues being due to the female, the male is responsible for another third of infertility issues and a third is caused by a combination of male and female problems, or is due to an unexplained cause.

Infertility Statistics and the Healthy

Even more startling is the fact that even with healthy couples aged between 29-33 years of age, supposedly at their prime, will only have a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant within any given a family sitting together indicating that even healthy couples aged between 29-33 years of age, supposedly at their prime, will only have a 20-25% chance of getting pregnantmonth. It may take up to six months of trying even for a healthy couple before there is conception. Even after trying for six months 40% of the healthy couples will need some kind of medical intervention to conceive. The good news from statistics is that of the women with infertility issues that did go for help, 65% of them gave birth! So get help and your chances of success appear really good! Even better of those couples wanting to become parents, about 90% were successfully treated with surgery or with drug therapy and only 3% needed more costly intervention such as IVF.


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