Pregnancy Nausea Remedies

Pregnancy Nausea Remedies- with herbsPregnancy nausea remedies are essential information if you have to combat morning sickness. Pregnancy nausea can range from mild to severe, from occurring early in the pregnancy and then disappearing to being around throughout the pregnancy. So being armed with these remedies will help you to deal with your pregnancy nausea.

Pregnancy Nausea Remedies –  Results Are Not All Equal for Everybody

Pregnancy nausea remedies will not give the same results to everybody.  Be aware that not all remedies work equally well for everybody. While experimenting is good, do not always expect the same results as was had by the person recommending the remedy. There are some obvious morning sickness remedies. An example would be to avoid foods or orders that might cause you to gag. Try including bland foods into your meals and also try to eat them at room temperature or even cold rather than hot. The odor of hot food is strongest.

Pregnancy Nausea Remedies – Crackers
crackers for Pregnancy Nausea Remedies

Probably the most common from folklore is the advice to eat crackers as a morning sickness remedy. Crackers are light, easily digested carbohydrates and this may help to settle your stomach and might stop the vomiting. One tactic is to keep crackers at your bedside and then to take small bites while still in bed. While you are getting ready to start the day, or while on your commute to work, you can continue to have small bites to stave off the vomiting.

Pregnancy Nausea Remedies – Eat All Day

Another thing to try is to eat throughout the day. You will be eating frequent and small meals or snacks so that your stomach always has something in it. In addition you could try frequent sipping of fluids throughout the day. You do need to be careful to balance the liquid and food intake. You do not want to sip so much that it kills the hunger pangs. You should aim for fluid volume totaling about a quart and a half. You might consider replacing necessary nutrients if you have been vomiting frequently or voluminously. You might try drinking a sports drink that contains glucose, potassium, salt, and most sports drinks can help you to replace lost electrolytes.

Pregnancy Nausea Remedies – Accupressure

Acupressure can be tried as one of the pregnancy nausea remedies if the nausea is getting too much. You can locate a pressure point on the wrist, just on the inner part and about two inches above the crease. This pressure point is described by both Eastern and Western medical practitioners. Nausea and vomiting connected with pregnancy may be relieved by stimulating this pressure point. Pharmacies and marine stores often stock bands that you can get without prescription. You would then wear the bands on one of your wrists or you can wear them on both of your wrists. The band works by having a button on the inside applying the pressure to right spot on the wrists and then this relieves vomiting. An alternative is to talk with your Health care providers may be able to prescribe a little machine that work on the pressure point with by sending a mild electric current.

Pregnancy Nausea Remedies – Ginger

ginger for Pregnancy Nausea RemediesA further alternative that helps to settle the stomach is the little spice called ginger. One of gingers many uses is to help ease the nausea symptoms. Either get the fresh ginger or look for an organic ginger ale that is made with real ginger. Be careful not to get the store bought ginger ales that are completely synthetic. Using the fresh ginger you can grate some into hot water to make ginger tea. As a final alternative you can also use ginger candies to ease the nausea symptoms. Before taking any powdered ginger root supplements, you should sure to discuss it with your health care provider. Some experts advise against using the ginger capsules since it is uncertain as to the quantity of the active ingredient contained within those capsules.

 Pregnancy Nausea Remedies – Relax

Other simple pregnancy nausea remedies are for you try to be in an environment that is low on stress and enables you to relax. Easing up and taking time to chill such as watching a movie or your favorite television show or just take a nap can go a long way to ease your symptoms. With a big meal or just before bed, it is a good idea to take your prenatal vitamins. Another alternative is to talk with your healthcare provider and ask to switch to a lower iron dose in your prenatal vitamin. This is especially useful in the first trimester where the symptoms are usually at their most intense. Your digestive system can sometimes struggle with iron. There is hope for easing the pregnancy symptoms. It does not have to be a horrific experience.


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