Pregnancy and Essential Health

Pregnancy and essential health are tied together.  Pregnancy can be torture with morning sickness or it can be the most magical time.  The first baby a couple have is often the most wondrous.  It feels as though you are the only people in the world who made a baby!  However, morning sickness can make the whole journey hell!  Fortunately we have brought together the best authors for you to help you through this.

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 Topics Covered in Pregnancy and Essential Health

Pregnancy and Essential Health Infertility ebookInfertility
One of the more important topics regarding pregnancy and essential health deal firstly with infertility.  Wikipedia gives some interesting facts regarding the definition of infertility.  Kathleen West deals with this topic in her eBook.  Here,  Kathleen gives you all the information you need to beat infertility.  She goes through the medical treatment of infertility as well as hidden secrets to getting pregnant naturally.  Kathleen does also go through all the options to pregnancy giving you a whole lot of resources for further information.   Definitely worth a look see if infertility is an issue for you!

Pregnancy And Essential Health Pregnancy Diet-eBookPregnancy Diet
Once pregnant, you really do need to give your baby the best chance.  To do this you would watch your eating habits!  You do not even need to make major changes.  Many of the fundamentals are the same as if you were not pregnant.  However, there are a few more important factors that you need, such as added calcium.  Otto originally developed this diet for his wife for this very reason. He wanted her to have a healthy and happy pregnancy.   Having done all the research Otto then wanted to pass on this information to others.  He has now spent more than 20 years helping women to have a  A healthy, happy pregnancy with a pregnancy diet plan that starts working in 7 days (or less) !

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MorningSicknesst-eBook_3D Morning Sickness

Only a woman who has suffered through morning sickness can truly empathize with another woman going through it! In this ebook, Rachel goes into how to overcome morning sickness.  She goes through topics such as

  • How to identify the different triggers of morning sickness
  • How to improve your overall state during the early months of pregnancy; and
  • How to reduce the intensity of morning sickness, especially the more severe symptoms such as vomiting and nausea

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