Ringworm Information

ringworm information is about how highly contagious it is and that it is transmittable in a number of different ways including soil shown hereRingworm information is general information on ringworm including how you get it and how you treat it. Surprisingly, ringworm is not an infection from a worm, although the word is in the infections name. It is most apparent on the most visible layer of skin and this is where the fungus lives. It is also where the fungus is able to spread. It is highly contagious and transmittable in a number of different ways. Both pets and people equally can contract it. The infection is spread when people or animals come into contact with other people and animals that are already infected.

Ringworm Information – Incubation

The fungus has a ten day incubation period so symptoms or signs will only begin to show after the incubation period which makes it difficult to trace where the point of infection originated. Blanket, things like gym mats or clothing like hats, can also be the source of contagion since you can also get it from touching such an object that has come into contact with a person or animal that has ringworm. Contagion from soil is the least likely way that people get ringworm. However, animals are more likely to be infected by ringworm by being in contact with infected soil than a person is.

ringworm information showing the distinctive round in shape and red on the skin

Ringworm appears in people as a rash that is round in shape and red on the skin. It will usually have a middle portion that has healthy looking skin. The skin at the edges of the rash can be crusty with the edges of the rash being mostly red and raised. So the “ring” shape of the rash itself gives rise to the name ringworm. Well known forms of ringworm include athlete’s foot and jock itch. Thick, scaly and dry skin on the bottom of the feet or between the toes typically indicates athlete’s foot. Jock itch is characterised by a rash that appears in the skin folds of the groin which is visibly red and is an itchy rash. The hand can also have ringworm and here it appears similar to athlete’s foot. There may be open sores and the skin between the fingers may be moist.

Ringworm Information – Highly Infectious

Ringworm treatment is moderately easy. Over the counter anti-fungal medication is available with which to begin treatment and some people prefer to go this route first. This is highly effective with some kinds of ringworm. However, it does not work on all of the many different forms which range in severity and on occasion the only solution is to get a prescription from your doctor. You should try really hard to not scratch your rash. The scratching is what spreads the infection to other parts of your body so although it is a highly itchy infection, it is imperative you stop yourself from scratching.


Also it is critical to wash any materials of any kind that have come into direct contact with the ringworm infection. You would use hot water and bleach for everything. Wear wathot water and bleach is essential for washing infected materialser shoes or flip flops or open sandals in the shower and try not to touch the walls as much as you possibly can if you use public showers.  Be really diligent about avoiding allowing other people or pets to come into direct contact with your ringworm infection. Therefore, as much as you possibly can you should keep your rash covered at all times to contain the infection. This may appear counter intuitive since fungus flourishes in a warm damp place, however, you will spread the infection through contact if the ringworm is not covered up.

 Ringworm Information

There are no foolproof preventative methods against ringworm. You can possibly try to prevent contact with a person or a pet that has it, but there is the 10 day incubation period when it is still infectious but not visible.  You could make sure you have coverings on your feet in public showers and not touch the walls or share towels. You can make sure that before you use one of the gym mats you use the available disinfectant spray (or take your own) on them. Again always wear feet coverings even for bare feet gym exercises. Of utmost importance is to make sure above all else that you are diligent in your care if you do get a ringworm infection so that you are not the cause of a persistent outbreak. Keep up the treatment for more than 10 days past when then the rings disappear.


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