Ringworm Cream

ringworm cream canestenRingworm cream provides some information on both over the counter and prescription creams that will cure ringworm. Anti-fungal cream is the most effective kind of treatment of ringworm in humans. Ringworm is a highly contagious fungal infection that when it finally becomes visible it looks like a red ring on the skin and is a looks like a rash. The center of the rash may look as though there is some healthy skin. The edge of the rash will have crusty and raised skin. The rash itself is very itchy, but it is not sore. The extremely uncomfortable itch is what is probably the most troublesome part of the ringworm experience is.

Ringworm Cream – Over the Counter

Anti-fungus creams work very well to cure the infection since ringworm is not an insect or a worm but it is a kind of fungus. There are also shampoos and dips available for the disinfecting of ringworm cream nizoralpets. Cream is usually used for the treatment of the infection on humans. If the infection is really bad, then sometimes an oral medication is recommended to treat the infection.


Most kinds of ringworm can generally be treated using over the counter creams. Some kinds of ringworm such as athlete’s foot and jock itch will require a slightly different approach. Athlete’s foot is the ringworm fungus found on the feet and jock itch is when the ringworm fungus is found in the groin. These two ringworm conditions need more than the over the counter medication. They are going to need prescription creams or ointments. You should talk with your doctor as to what the latest most effective prescription creams are for athlete`s foot or for jock itch.


The general approach is to wash the rash with soap and water. The area is then thoroughly dried before the cream is applied. Don’t forget to wash the item that you use to dry the area. Wash in bleach and hot water as you will do with all of your bedding, clothing, and furniture where possible and everything that your infection has been in contact with. Back to the anti-fungal cream which you should apply to the rash and you should spread it further than the border of the rash. It is also important not to discontinue the medication simply because your itching and rash have decreased or gone away completely. You need to carry on with the treatment for two to four weeks with most of the remedies.


Ringworm Cream – Prescriptions

Your rash should respond within two weeks of beginning the remedy, if not then it is time to go to your doctor.    Your ringworm infection can be treated with a number of different medications available by prescription from your doctor. They may come in creams, gels or pills. Your doctor will be able to give advice on the best course of action.


ringworm is not just on the skin  - showing fungus infected toenailsRingworm is not reserved for the skin areas, the feet and the groin but can also occur under the nails or in the scalp. The skin under the toe nail can also be infected; these may be hard to treat. You can try a nail polish, an anti-fungal cream, or lotion. An anti-fungal pill is often the most effective fungal nail treatment. You can get this from your doctor. Ringworm of the scalp is also best treated using an anti-fungal pill as well. Sometimes the hair falls out because of the damage done by the fungus. This falling out then leaves round patches of bald patches. Eradication of scalp ringworm can also be done using prescription creams.



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