Ringworm on Your Cat – Information

ringworm on your cat shwoing the telltale red signs on the ear - show up on the cat as a round wound with no hair in itRingworm on your cat is information on cats with ringworm and how to get rid of it. Even a baby kitten can have ringworm. Ringworm is a fungus. It can be passed from a person with an infection to animal, from an animal with the infection to animal, from an animal with the infection to person or you can get infected by it from the soil.


However the infection happens, once visible it will eventually show up on the cat as a round wound with no hair in it. The wound might also have a center of scaly skin. The most common areas these lesions appear on a cat are on the ears, head, and the cat`s tail. Sometimes the fungus will not be a circular shape with some infections. It can spread to the nose, face, chin and cat`s lips. A malnourished cat may exhibit signs that can be mistaken for an autoimmune disease since the only hair loss that may be apparent in the cat may be a thinning of the hair in front of the ears which is common in a malnourished cat. Nevertheless, it is still infectious and can be passed onto other cats, dogs pets and humans.

Ringworm on Your Cat – Options

Between you and the vet the effectiveness of the ringworm treatment is in your hands. With isolated, small wounds, an antifungal cream might be prescribed by the vet. A more severe case of ringworm in the cat can be treated by using an available oral medication. The vet might even recommend a lime sulfur dip. These dips can turn the cat’s coat a yellowish color for a while and the dip smells really bad. An antifungal shampoo is one of the most successful ways to eradicate the ringworm infection and smells a bit better than a dip.

Ringworm on Your Cat – Thoroughness and Persistence

Drastic steps need to be implemented once ringworm has arrived in your world through your cat. This is to ensure that the infection will not continue to be transferred from one person or ringworm on your cat - a kitten blinded by the untreated infection animal to another. Damage control and limiting increased infection is imperative.


Bedding, any kind of fabric or other types of material are all candidates for helping to spread the infection so you need to be highly diligent about washing every single item, without exception, especially everything that your cat is sleeping on every day. Everything needs to be washed in hot water and bleach. As we all know, cats like to sleep everywhere so you might consider caging the cat until the infection is cleared up, 10 days past all visible signs on the cat. Look on it like having a bed ridden peron, both are confined to a limited area so caging your cat might be the best solution especially if you have other pets and if you have children.

Ringworm on Your Cat – Alternatives

ringworm information cats rubs up against all sorts of shrubbery all the while spreading the infectionAlternatively, since it is not realistic for you to wash the fabric of your furniture every day, you may want to use sheets all over the place and to cover your furniture that your cat goes on or sleeps on. These sheets can be removed and washed every day. However, bear in mind that the cat walks on the carpet, goes to random places in the garden to do its business and rubs up against all sorts of shrubbery all the while spreading the infection to anybody or anything else that touches those areas.


Every day you need to wash your cat’s bed if the cat has one. It needs to be washed in bleach and hot water as well, same as everything else. You should have minimum contact with your cat and you need to make sure that you change and wash your bedding every day as well.


In addition, you should treat any other pets in your household as well even if they are not showing signs of ringworm. Disinfecting can take a long time, the zone is only declared ringworm free generally only after two negative lab tests that come back indicating that your cat no longer has ringworm and you should keep up the daily treatment until then otherwise you risk continual re-occurrence for ever more.

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